First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your interest in me. I am a Japanese freelance voice actress. My name is Phan Masaki. As I have many visitors to my website from overseas, I have put together this page for your convenience. I have a professional recording booth at home, which enables me to record noiseless and clear voice/sound without using outside studios. It can incur 5,000 − 10,000 yen/hour fee separately to rent a studio, but with my own facility, you do not have to worry about such additional fee. Unless otherwise specified, I will give the finished work in “44100hz, 16bit, monaural”. The formats I can work on are “wav”, “mp3”, and “ogg”. With “mp3”, I will send the compressed file at 320kbps unless otherwise specified. As there is the restriction on the size of files I can attach to my mails, I will either upload to the server or use a file storage service. I can work for you solely via email exchanges. You are welcome to send me an offer in English, but please be reminded that I cannot speak English. Thus, I can only handle aJapanese conversation over the phone. I have no problems with English mails, but please accept that my response may not be in correct English. I will use supports like a translation software, so let’s stick to simple sentences that are easy for both ends to understand. I can handle voice cut editing, simple volume adjustment as well as noise cancellation, but if you wish to have the unified level of volume, please send me a sample file. Please do NOT attach those files to your mail − please upload to the server or use a file storage service. ■ Note on Offers from Overseas Offers from overseas clients are more than welcome if you can accommodate the following conditions. ・The payment of the guarantee has to be made via PayPal when the work is delivered. ・The script has to be in Japanese. ・I can only act in Japanese, and in no other language. ■ Please Consult If You Have Such Needs; ・You want to localize a foreign app into Japanese…! And look for a voice actress for a character. ・You want to have the voice of a character in the Japanese version of a foreign online game. ・You want an actress to play a role in Japanese in your video work. (for example, 3D pieces) ・You want to sell the Japanese version of a digital comic, and need a voice actress. ・You want to have a voice over in Japanese for your CG composite. ・You want a narrative in Japanese. and so on and so forth. If you have any of these or other needs, don’t hesitate to consult me. ■ What I Can Work on; ・All categories of works - from those for general audiences to adult-only pieces ・A wide range of characters- a little girl to a middle-aged woman, a young boy, a young male adult as well as non-human. ・Multiple characters in one video/film, a sub character and even the one with a single line. ・If you are in a hurry, I can help you. ・Can accommodate the voice cut editing/renaming (changing the name of the file). ・Can improvise in line with the video/film content. ・Can participate in auditions. ■ Guarantee My guarantee can change, depending on the deadline (how long I have to record), with or without voice cut editing, with or without improvisation, the amount of lines, and the level of challenge in acting. I don’t offer simple volume discount. For games, the minimum guarantee is 40 yen/line (NOT including voice cut editing). For narratives, the minimum guarantee is 3,000 yen. For videos/films, the minimum guarantee is 5,000 yen. If your offer is below the minimum guarantee, I am afraid I have to decline. I used to be affiliated to an agency, but I have long been a freelancer. I have been doing the works I want in the way I like. I have set many goals, and have achieved all of them. I recently received an offer from an overseas project, and found it so interesting that I want to do more of such works…! I want to work not only with Japanese but also with many other people on a wider variety of projects. I want to work with many different people to find my new possibilities. I want to meet new and interesting challenges… I have to come to feel these ways. I don’t know a Japanese voice actor/actress who works freelance and does business with foreign clients. Even if there is some, I am sure there is only a handful. That makes the challenge even more interesting. I am committed to deliver the best voice act, the very best I can do. Let’s work together to create great pieces of works! My mail address is; Please copy/paste “キャラボイス依頼について” in Japanese as the subject. If you send a mail all written in English, it might be recognized as a spam and not delivered to me properly. If any of the followings are already decided, please specify in your offer. ・Preferred deadline ・Preferred guarantee ・Character setting (background, personality, etc.) ・Amount of my lines If you already have a drawing of the character, please send it to me at the same time for my reference. Rough or preliminary drawing is equally appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your attention. こちらに記載されている文章や内容を一部改変・コピー等して使用することを禁止します。